February Expansion!

Who says you need to wait for summer to have a Blockbuster? Movies, sales, fireworks, vacations. Yes, summers are a good time for blockbusters.

However… In this case, we are kicking off summer in February. First, we will be giving away nearly $3000 in App Development work at the Allaboutwilmington.com Business after hours this evening. Then, in just a few short weeks, we will be introducing ourselves to our second location, Halifax County, VA.

Recently, we have added another new client as well. Pyramid Taxi Sevice in Wilmington, NC has the cleanest vans in Wilmington. They also have great drivers and really great rates. We developed their iPhone and Android app and will add the listing to our portfolio page really soon!

So, while you might be waiting on a summer blockbuster, we are offering a whole lot of bang for your buck this spring!

Stay tuned…


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