Time to Explore SMS Marketing?

Take Your SMS Marketing to the Next Level!

If you’re not using SMS marketing yet, now is the time to take a new look at this dynamic method of growing and retaining new customers. With almost 90% of Americans owning a cellphone SMS marketing (text messaging)
is an inexpensive and efficient way to directly reach your current and prospective customers.

With the rise of smartphones and apps over the past few years, many have focused on marketing through QR codes and social media.

Why SMS Marketing?

JVI Mobile SMS Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Digital Marketing in South Boston VirginiaSMS marketing is more flexible than you might think. Not only can you target new customers with unique and exciting offers, but you can also increase engagement and loyalty with existing customers through opt-in lead generation, appointment confirmations, polls, and surveys, loyalty programs, coupons and more. Better yet, the fast pace of SMS marketing means that most of your messages are opened within the first ninety seconds of receipt.

SMS messaging also gives your new fans the ability to reach out to you directly in real time- faster even than email. Showing your customers how much you care by getting back to them immediately will wow them with your customer service and push you past your competition!

Need More Reasons to use SMS Marketing?

iconSMS is available on all mobile phones. From the oldest flip phone to the latest iPhone or android offering, every mobile phone can send and receive SMS messages.

iconOver 90% of Americans have a cellphone and are almost never without them! Everyone instinctively reaches for their phone when it beeps so almost every SMS message is read almost instantly.

iconSMS is the most convenient and cost-effective way of reaching your audience, with no need for graphics, colors, or even an internet connection. Costs are dramatically less than other traditional or online direct response methods.

iconUnlike email marketing, there is no chance of your message being blocked by an ISP or ending up in the recipient’s junk or spam folder.

iconIn addition to ‘SMS blasts’ you can also provide targeted messages to unique customers like birthday messages, thank you messages and loyalty rewards.

Let us help you find out how you are doing now and take your results to new highs! At JVI Mobile, we are passionate about creating and growing awesome social relationships. We are happy to help guide you on your way!


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