10 Post Ideas to Boost Engagement on Facebook and Instagram

10 Post Ideas to Boost Engagement on Facebook and Instagram

As a small business owner, you know running a business takes time, energy, and a lot of brain power. Coming up with engaging ideas to post on social media may not be as much of a priority as your sales or other essential business matters, but don’t worry! If you're looking for well-tested, tried-and-true ideas to boost engagement from your audience, you have come to the right place.

These 10 ideas will save you time and help you boost engagement with your social media audience.

Famous Quotes

Quotes are an easy way to boost social media engagement, especially Facebook and Instagram. You can use quotes from influential people or other people for your business (in-house or customers). You can create your own visually appealing posts with a photo editor, or use websites such as Canva, where you can access quote templates to easily download and share on social media.

User-Generated Content

Posting user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to show your audience how to use your product or service. UGC can be photos, videos, reviews, or anything created by users. This will feel more personal, which makes for great content! Social media users tend to trust the opinions shared by their peers more than those published by brands. Best of all, user-generated content is free!

Live video

Sharing a live video is an incredible way to boost engagement. The average organic reach of a Facebook live video is six times higher than that of a regular post. This makes sense, as it is similar to watching live TV.

Live streaming allows you to connect with your customers more personally. When potential customers tune in to your live sessions, it feels as if you're inviting them into your business to get to know them. Unlike a real conference hall, where just a few people can sit in the front row, live streaming allows anyone to sit in the front row.

Memes and GIFs

We all love a good meme or GIF, and these are great ways to bring humor into your social media marketing. If a meme has recently gone viral and feels relevant to your brand, you can use it in a post. These posts will lead you to join the conversation and enjoy what everyone's talking about — which can go viral too!

Here’s a great example of a comical post from HowTo.agency on Instagram:

Milestone Posts

Every business has milestones. Heck, every person has milestones. These personal or business achievements are worth celebrating. Milestone posts examples include the achievements of you or your company, such as anniversaries, new employees, new offices, etc. Pat yourself on the back and always let your fans know about it. This will also help humanize both your brand and yourself if you're the face of your company.

Educational guides

Educational guides are a great way to boost engagement on Facebook and Instagram. They build trust between your company and your followers and provide helpful information in a format that's easy to consume.

You can create educational guide posts for any topic that aligns with your brand. For example, if you run a bookkeeping service, you can share how to calculate the total value of inventory assets or how to manage the accounts payable process. If you sell fitness equipment, you can write about performing joint exercises using your products or share tips for achieving specific fitness goals.

Contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are very effective ways to boost engagement on social media. There are no rules that say you have to give away something expensive. Your goal is to engage them with your brand, so be creative with your contests!

Encourage the people who enter your contest to share it with their friends and family. This will help promote your business and reach more people interested in joining the contest who may have never heard of your business.

Questions to your customers and followers

Curious about what your followers want? Ask them! Encourage people to ask questions about your products or brand. You can even ask how their day is going! This is an easy way to get insight into what people think about your business and what content they want to see. A “Questions” post is also great for generating engagement because it's so simple to participate in. Creating a quiz is also a great way to boost engagement. People love the opportunity to post their opinions on just about anything!

Before and after posts

There are dozens of before and after posts that receive massive engagement on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. Consider showing the benefits of your product or service through a before-and-after post. You don't have to be a cosmetic company to make this work. Businesses like carpet cleaners, landscapers, auto repair shops, and more can use this technique to show customers what their companies can do for them.

How-to videos (for example, how to use a cooking tool or garden tool)

You can post video tutorials of how to do just about anything! Even if the skill is something your followers already know how to do, they may be interested in learning a new approach or technique. Not sure which skills would be interesting? Ask your audience what they'd like to learn how to do. It's a wonderful way to start a conversation and find out more about their needs.

Check out our blog 10 Awesome Instagram Reels Ideas for Your Local Business for more on “how-to” a how-to video!

Final Thoughts

The key to creating great content is to be consistent. The goal is to develop a community around your brand while creating a personal connection with your audience. By creating engaging, genuine content on Facebook and Instagram, you can build a community of customers genuinely interested in what your business offers.

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CTA Buttons For Organic Facebook Posts

CTA Buttons For Organic Facebook Posts

Want to put a Call To Action Button (CTA) on an organic Facebook post? Well, you can. Until yesterday I didn’t think this was possible. Thanks to my colleague Bryan at 10X Interactive, we learned how to to this using Business Manager. Facebook’s Business Manager constantly adds new things all the time.

You can put a button on a link post, carousel post, photo/video post, or just a simple status update!

When you are in Business.Facebook.com, you will want look at the left side drop down menu(scroll down to the section that says “Engage Customers” and create your post with a button.

You will create it as an ad, but you can then publish it to your page without spending any money on it!

Maybe this is a Facebook Ad Secret.  Maybe this is a Facebook Loophole. Maybe this is a Facebook trick.

Who cares. These tips and tricks are incredible fun to learn about!

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8 Secrets of Social Media Marketing That Everyone Misses

8 Secrets of Social Media Marketing That Everyone Misses

Social media marketing sounds easy to plenty of new entrepreneurs, yet they must perceive the contrast between individual online networking use and expert utilization.

Consider it like this: on the off chance that you bake a batch of cookies to serve your family, at that point that is something you can oversee without anyone else. Yet, in the event that you anticipate serving 1,000 cookies to peers over the course of a three-day business conference, at that point that is an altogether more complex issue!

Everything gets more complicated when you move from personal to professional, and the outcomes matter more, as well.

All of a sudden, you aren’t simply posting on your Facebook when you feel like it. Nor would you be able to enjoy occasional the reply and like. Instead, you’re actively trying to drive business goals and represent your brand in a likable way.

The emotional contrast between the two approaches finds numerous entrepreneurs off-guard. To help them out, here are eight secrets the masters utilize with regards to online networking marketing — and that numerous small businesses miss.

Write Down a Policy and Style Guide

creating buyer personas for your social media marketing

Ask them to tell you what the business’s social media policy is, and you’re just as likely to get dozens of different answers. In fact, most employees may look you back blankly in the face.

A social media policy guides the brand voice as well as the decisions a business makes when posting. So, if you were trying to pick between two image types, the social media marketing policy could help you decide on the one that aligns better with your social goals.

Set policies for employee social media use, too. Make sure they know they represent the company! Let them know what sorts of offenses could get them in hot water, including posting extreme political opinions or offensive takes.

Creating a social media style guide can similarly help make posting easier, especially if more than one employee handles the duties. Align everything in your policy and style guide so that your social media accounts can support both your brand and your marketing goals.

Target Your Content and Conversations Towards Personas

Some small businesses get HUGE social media followings …of people who would rarely buy anything from them.

There is a big gap between mass engagement and targeted engagement.

You want your posts to speak to a highly targeted audience based on the traits of your best customers. For instance, if you pitch your services to existing IT departments, don’t be shy about using jargon. Stay current on any discussion, too, so that your ideas don’t seem dated.

But if you want to offer managed IT services to regular businesses, they may not know a CAT cable from a cat collar. Feel free to post basic how-tos, and try to keep terminology approachable.

Decide upon the segments you want to speak to in order to raise your chances of success. Imagine traits of a single person in this segment, including their typical job role, the things they value most, and broad aspects of their personality. This is your “persona” for an idealized version of a target audience group.

You can even name them! That way, before you decide on a post to share or an image to use, you can ask something like: “Would Sarah the retired optometrist care about this post?”

Strategize, Set Goals, And Ditch Vanity Metrics

Always set goals for your social media usage. It should serve a concrete purpose that ultimately benefits your business.

Common social media marketing goals include:

  • Raising website visits
  • Generating leads through job quotes
  • Helping introduce new products to people
  • Getting more participants for events, contests, and things like webinars
  • Upselling existing customers
  • Reminding prior customers to return again
  • Promoting a specific brand value, especially through philanthropy

No matter what your goals are, ensure they actually help your business get more money or improve its brand.

For instance, having a certain number of “likes” or shares from a post promoting your content should not be a goal. These are vanity metrics. Instead, you should monitor the number of actual visits to the content on your website. Ideally, you will also have targets for the percentage of people converted from social to content to signup for your related offer.

Carry on Actual Conversations and Engage

Is social media marketing taking away from human interaction

Don’t just post into the void or post things you, personally, want to read.

Everything you post should be targeted towards the personas you have created and tied towards business goals.

You want your audiences to feel like your brand is carrying on a conversation rather than just talking at them.

Respond to certain positive comments or interesting ideas. Try to see if you can get the full perspective from people who have something negative to say. Make each response feel personal, not canned.

Give your audience opportunities to take center stage. Post a question for them, like “what are your favorite ways to save money?” Ask them if they would like to see more of certain content types, or less of certain post types.

Also, make your social media use broader than just posting on your own page. Use social listening tools to monitor brand mentions and jump in on messages when you think it’s worthy of a conversation. Find other business pages, and engage with them like you would want others to engage with you.

As Andrew Kucheriavy of web development company Intechnic writes, “make [sure] your interactions are meaningful! Networking is about adding value to a relationship.”

Make Time for Off-Schedule Posting

social media marketing analytics and reporting

Many business owners go ahead and queue up an entire month’s worth of content in advance.

This is great! Having a schedule makes the social experience more consistent and professional for your audience.

But you shouldn’t be shackled to this schedule.

New articles and ideas will pop up on your radar all the time. Maybe something interesting happened in your industry this week. Maybe you just snapped a great photo of your team at the office.

Give yourself the chance to actually share content during opportunities like these rather than hoarding it all until next month. If you set aside, say, an hour each week to make time for unscheduled postings, then you can flesh out your existing content and make your page feel more organic.

Just remember to stick to your policy, goals, and buyer persona (avatar) guides. Also, proofread twice! Want a really awesome way to create, schedule and automate your social media marketing? Try our free tool, MySoPro today!

Promote Content Posts to Put Them in Front of Targeted Audiences

Promoting content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be highly affordable. More importantly, it can grow your audience beyond people who already follow and interact with your pages.

Start experimenting with promoting certain posts and using custom audience building features. Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook even offer the ability to target specific companies or hyper-local areas.

If you put just a small budget behind a few key posts a month, then you can quickly multiply the number of people who see your messages. You also generate valuable data based on who does and doesn’t interact when they see certain posts.

Don’t Assume Social Media Marketing Is Easy to Do Yourself

There’s a reason “social media manager” is a full-time job at most big companies. Even for small businesses, managing it all and doing it right can be tough.

On top of that, you may not have the time to dig into your data or revisit your strategies and guiding documents.

So seek out help. Share the burden with others who are qualified and whose judgement you trust.

As Social Media Week observes: “Long gone are the days when you could rely on an intern to manage your business’s social media accounts. Either hire an in-house expert or outsource to a social media management firm.”

Crawl Before You Walk, Walk Before You Run

Crawl before you run - Social Media Marketing

Similarly, as with anything in business, don’t take on more than you could possibly deal with. Stick to one or two social networks at first. Otherwise, your pages could feel like soulless cookie-cutter copies or, worse, ghost towns with nary an update in months.

Be that as it may, if you stay focused on your goals and your principles, at that point you can begin little to discover progressive achievement. Just once you get the hang of it should you begin to scale out and accomplish more.

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