Social Media Comments Can Be Negative: Here’s How To Deal With It

Social Media Comments Can Be Negative: Here’s How To Deal With It

Social media has undoubtedly become a powerful communication and marketing tool. It allow businesses to connect with their customers on a more personal level. Social media also gives customers a voice to share their thoughts about a company or product.

While this two-way communication channel is beneficial for businesses, it can also be challenging. Negative comments are bound to happen. When they do, you should handle them in a way that won’t damage your brand or reputation.

Let’s discuss how to deal with negative comments on social media like a pro.

Make Sure You Respond

Dealing with negative social media comments can be difficult. However, it’s important to remember that ignoring them is not an option. When customers take the time to reach out to you with a complaint or concern, they expect (and deserve) a response.

Not only will a reply show the customer that you care about their experience, but it also shows others that you’re willing to listen to feedback and address any issues.

Of course, it’s not always possible to respond to every negative comment. But if a comment is public and could potentially damage your reputation, take the time to craft a thoughtful response. Check out how we respond to comments and continue the conversation at on TikTok!

Handle Issues Promptly

In addition to responding to negative comments, quickly take care of the issue that caused the comment in the first place. This may involve refunding their purchase or exchanging an item. Or, simply apologizing for any inconvenience they may have experienced.

Whatever the matter may be, it’s important to take care of it promptly and efficiently. Customers appreciate it when companies own up to their mistakes and try to correct them.

If you take too long, customers may think you don’t care about their issue or that you’re sweeping it under the rug. Delaying will only damage your reputation further, so it’s crucial to nip the problem in the bud as soon as possible.

Be Professional on Social Media

Although it may be tempting to lash out, remember that what you say on social media can be used against you. Therefore, always err on the side of caution and keep your responses professional.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t defend yourself or your business – but you should do so in a respectful way that doesn’t make the situation worse.

Try saying things like:

  • “We’re sorry to hear that you had a negative experience. We appreciate your feedback and would like to make this right with you.”
  • “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We take these issues seriously and would like to look into this further. Please DM us your contact information and order number so we can investigate.”

Taking the Conversation Offline

In some cases, it may be best to take the conversation offline. This is usually the case when a customer is angry or upset. Or, if the situation could escalate if only addressed on your public social media.

When you take the conversation offline, you’ll have a chance to diffuse the situation without worrying about making it worse. You can reply to the comment publicly and let the customer know that you’d like to discuss their concerns further in a private message or over the phone.

This shows that you’re willing to listen and help resolve the issue in a way that is considerate of their privacy.

Address the Issue Directly

When responding to a negative comment on social media, address the issue directly. A straightforward response shows the customer (and anyone else reading) that you take their concerns seriously and are willing to resolve the problem.

For example, if a customer is unhappy with your product, you might say something like:

“Thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that you’re disappointed with our product. Can you please provide more information about what you didn’t like? We’d like to pass your feedback along to our team and see if there’s anything we can do to improve the product.”

This response shows that you care about the customer’s experience and want to help resolve the issue. It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about what the customer didn’t like so that you can make improvements in the future.

Don’t Be Afraid to Apologize

In some cases, the best way to deal with a negative social media comment is to simply apologize. An apology shows the customer that you understand their frustration and want to make things right.

Of course, you shouldn’t apologize for something that wasn’t your fault. But if there was a mistake on your part, or if the customer had a valid complaint, an apology would go a long way in diffusing the situation.

Some people just want to feel like they’re heard and that their concerns are taken seriously. In these cases, a simple apology may be enough to resolve the issue.

Use Positive Language on Social Media

It’s essential to use positive language when responding to negative comments. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the problem or act like everything is fine. Instead, focus on finding a resolution rather than dwelling on the negative.

For example, instead of saying, “We’re sorry that you had a bad experience,” you could say, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We want to do everything we can to ensure your next experience is better.”

This response shows that you’re committed to resolving the issue while also setting a positive tone for the rest of the conversation.

Don’t Scrub Your Social Media Page of Negative Comments

While it’s tempting to delete negative comments or hide them from your feed, this is usually a bad idea. Not only does it make you look deceitful, but it also makes it seem like you don’t care about your customers’ concerns.

It’s okay to delete comments that are abusive or that don’t add anything to the conversation. But in most cases, it’s best to leave the comment up and respond directly. These comments show that you’re willing to listen to feedback, even if it’s negative. If you only have good comments or reviews, it might start to look suspicious!

Use Negative Comments to Improve Your Business

Finally, it’s important to remember that negative comments can actually be a good thing. They provide you with an opportunity to improve your products or services and show your customers that you care about their experience.

As a business owner, you should always look for ways to improve. So, if you’re getting a lot of negative feedback about a certain aspect of your business, use it as a chance to make positive changes.

So next time you get a negative comment on social media, don’t panic. Instead, just follow these tips, and you’ll be able to handle it like a pro.

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10 Awesome Instagram Reels Ideas for Your Local Business

10 Awesome Instagram Reels Ideas for Your Local Business

If you’re like most small businesses, you’re always looking for new ways to reach your target audience and promote your products or services. With over one billion active users, Instagram reels are a great place to start.

By taking advantage of the various features that Instagram offers, local businesses can level the playing field with larger companies. With the rise of Instagram reels, companies now have more options than ever to market their business in innovative and visually appealing ways.

This guide will cover ten different types of Instagram reels small businesses can use to promote their business. Whether you're a restaurant looking to showcase your delicious food or a local shop wishing to attract new customers, these reels will help get the job done!

1. Behind-the-Scenes Instagram Reels

A behind-the-scenes reel gives your followers a sneak peek into your business. People love learning how things are made, or the logistics behind running a business. This reel can also help humanize your brand and make you more relatable to your customers.

behind the scenes of instagram reels

To create behind-the-scenes Instagram reels, simply start filming what goes on during a typical day at your business. Film everything from the morning commute, to prepping for customers, to closing up shop at the end of the day. After, add some fun music or narration to keep things engaging!

If you're not sure where to start, you can film a day in the life of one of your employees. Show off your team and what they do to make your business run smoothly.

2. Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonials show happy customers and simultaneously promote your business. When potential customers see others had a positive experience with your business, they are more likely to give it a try.

To create a customer testimonial reel, simply film your customers talking about their experience with your business. Set up a camera in your store or office or send a survey to previous customers asking them to record a video testimonial.

3. Product Showcase via Instagram Reels

Product showcase Instagram reels will allow you to show off your product in all its glory and give potential customers a taste of what they can expect with their purchase. This is great for new products or services you may be offering.

To create a product showcase reel, film a short introduction of your product. This should include information about what it is, how it works, and why people need it. Then, film a few quick clips of your product in action. Be sure to highlight the features or benefits that make it unique!

Finally, add a call-to-action at the end of your reel encouraging people to learn more or purchase your product.

4. How-To

How-to Instagram reels are a great way to show your expertise and attract new customers. If you offer a service that people might not know how to do themselves, seize this opportunity to show them how it's done!

To create a how-to reel, start by choosing a topic that you're an expert in. This could be anything from making the perfect cup of coffee to how to change a tire. Then, film a short video showing people how it's done.

5. Tips and Tricks

A tips and tricks reel is the perfect option to share your knowledge with the world! This type of reel is great for businesses that offer advice or services that might be unfamiliar to others.

To create tips and tricks Instagram reels, create a list of subjects within your areas of expertise. Once you've got a few ideas, film a short video on each topic. Include any tips or tricks that you think will be helpful to your viewers!

Remember, the goal of a tips and tricks reel is to educate and inform your viewers – keep things clear and concise. Here’s an example of a tips-and-tricks reel from Jay here at JVI Mobile Marketing:

Reel from on Instagram

6. FAQ

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) reel addresses common questions and concerns that potential customers may have about your business. It can help to ease the potential customer’s minds and encourage them to do business with you.

Begin by brainstorming a list of commonly asked questions about your business. When making the video, answer these questions clearly and concisely!

You can also use FAQ reels as an opportunity to address negative reviews or feedback that you may have received. FAQs are a great way to show customers you're open to feedback and willing to make changes to improve your business.

Remember, always keep things positive and professional!

7. Tell Your Story on Instagram Reels

People love a good story, so why not tell them yours? A story on Instagram reels allows you to introduce yourself and your business to potential customers. In addition, this type of reel will allow you to share your company's history, mission, and values with the world!

When creating a story reel, film a few clips of your business in action. Then, include information about your company's history, mission, and values. Be sure to highlight the features and benefits that make it unique!

8. Unique Promotions

We've all seen the standard "sale" promotions, but you can get more creative with marketing, too! An unconventional advertisement stands out from the crowd and attracts new customers.

To create an unconventional promotion, brainstorm a list of unique ideas that will grab people's attention. Once you've got a few ideas, film a short video on each one. Include distinct details or benefits that make your promotion irresistible.

The goal of a unique promotion is to get people talking about your business. Go ahead and think outside the box!

9. Introduce Your Team

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business, so why not introduce them to potential customers? An introductory reel should include information about their role in the company and what they do daily. Film a few quick clips of your team in action, and be sure to highlight any special skills or talents!

Remember, the goal of an introductory reel is to show potential customers that you're a team of experts who are passionate about what you do.

10. Spotlight Your Content on Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels can be used as a tool to promote other content such as blog posts, press releases, or featured articles.

To promote other content using Instagram Reels, start by filming a short clip about the content you want to promote.

Instagram Reels can also drive traffic to your website or blog. To do this, film a short clip of your website or blog and include a link to your site in the description. Finally, encourage people to check it out!

To make it “reel” simple…

Instagram Reels will promote your business and attract new customers. By using some of the ideas in this guide, you can create killer content to help your business stand out from the crowd. When filming, keep things positive, professional, and creative. Most importantly, have fun!

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9 Things You Probably Don’t Know JVI Mobile Marketing Does

9 Things You Probably Don’t Know JVI Mobile Marketing Does

Since you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with JVI Mobile Marketing — but if not, it’s a small digital marketing agency that’s been operating out of North Carolina for the past 10 years, dreamed up by its Founder, CEO, and Serial Entrepreneur Jay Vics.

Here, we’ll get into a little more detail about Jay’s “serial entrepreneur” part of his impressive resume as we explore all the different services he’s created or put his own twist on to help business owners nationwide.

1. HowTo.Agency

If you’ve known us for a little while, you’re probably already familiar with this one; If not, JVI Mobile Marketing created HowTo.Agency because one day, Jay had an epiphany: some people who desperately need and/or want marketing help can't always afford to hire someone to do it for them… or sometimes they just would rather do it themselves!

HowTo.Agency is the perfect resource for business owners who want to take their marketing efforts into their own hands. We offer a wealth of resources, including tips, tutorials, and more. Our goal is to provide business owners with the tools they need to succeed — at no cost.

2. Local5Stars

If you're a business owner, then you know how important online reviews are. They can make or break your business.

That's where Local5Stars comes in.

With our reputation management software, you'll be able to collect online reviews from customers faster and easier than ever before. Plus, our software will help you track your online reputation and optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

So if you're looking for a tool to help improve your business's online reputation, then look no further than Local5Stars.

3. The LENS Method

The LENS method, developed by JVI Mobile Marketing, is an effective social media strategy that can help you get the most out of your social media platforms. By following the LENS method, you can ensure that you are using social media to its full potential. These are the types of posts you should be putting out on your socials:

L- Listening

These are the types of posts where you’re asking your followers to engage with your content! If your post is intriguing enough, people will even do it on their own without you having to use the words “comment below”.

E- Educating

Give your followers fun facts or tips related to your product or industry! The more they can learn from you, the more they will trust you.

N- Networking

This is a “goodwill” post in which you talk about and tag other people or brands that are in your same industry. If you’re at a physical location, you can mention other stores or events nearby.

S- Selling

This is the one you’re probably already good at! It’s exactly what it sounds like – posting about your product or service with the intention of persuading someone to buy it.

By following the LENS method, you can maximize your social media efforts and achieve your business goals. Try it today!

4. is a website built by JVI Mobile Marketing that gives people tons of information about all the different ways to get customers to and through the subscribe stage.

The subscribe stage of the customer value journey is when a potential customer opts in to receive something of value from you. This could be a newsletter, a free e-book, or access to exclusive content — to name a few.

There are tons of different subscribe stage strategies out there, and it can be tough to know which to pursue. That's where comes in. We've gathered an extensive amount of information on all the various options, so you can make an informed decision about what will work best for you.

5. ManyChat Chatbots

ManyChat is a chatbot software as a service (SaaS) that can automate marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and can be used in a variety of marketing campaigns.

These chatbots allow for real-time communication with your customers, which will help to maintain a personal touch with your audience in a way not previously possible without hiring in-house staff or using expensive outsourced software development services.

This is one of JVI Mobile’s favorite secret weapons, allowing them to help many companies become more efficient in reaching their audiences through automated marketing campaigns on social media.

When you go to Manychat's website just enter the email address associated with your Facebook Page, hit "Sign In", and then follow the steps to configure ManyChat.


Advertising Greensboro is a website created by JVI Mobile Marketing, meant to act as a directory for local businesses in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. The website includes a comprehensive list of businesses in the area, complete with contact information and links to the businesses' websites. Advertising Greensboro is a great resource for anyone looking for local businesses in Greensboro!

In addition to being a directory for local businesses, Advertising Greensboro is also home to Meet the Experts, a podcast hosted by Jay Vics of JVI Mobile Marketing. Meet the Experts interviews experts and owners of Greensboro businesses, providing listeners with valuable insights into the inner workings of these businesses. If you're looking for information on Greensboro businesses, Advertising Greensboro is the place to go!

7. Meet The Experts

As we just mentioned above, Jay Vics, Founder of JVI Mobile Marketing and HowTo.Agency, interviews experts and business owners about their businesses on Meet the Experts. This podcast is all about helping listeners learn from those who have succeeded in their fields while giving business owners a free "commercial" essentially all about them and their business!

Since this is a podcast, it comes at absolutely no cost to the interviewees. Also, Meet the Experts is a great way to learn new information while supporting small businesses.

Hear more about it from Jay himself!

8. Double Your Sales Discovery Session

This is a complimentary 90-minute session with Jay Vics, owner of JVI Mobile Marketing, where he will help you figure out how your business can get more customers and sales.

Most businesses want to double their sales but don't know where to start. This “gifted to you” session with Jay presents you with the perfect opportunity to get started. During this session, he will help you identify what's stopping your business from reaching its full potential and give you the tools you need to start making more sales. Don't miss out on this chance to take your business to the next level!

9. HowTo.Strategize – Digital Foundations Bootcamp

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

If you've been through a Double Your Sales discovery session (mentioned above), then you're ready for the digital foundations bootcamp. Jay Vics of JVI Mobile Marketing leads this approximately 4-hour session that will start you on a path to predictability and profitability in your business or non-profit.

We will figure out your ideal client, your customer value journey, and your growth scorecard (which helps us figure out if it's working) to uncover any bottlenecks and opportunities in your current marketing strategy.

By the end of this bootcamp, you will have a solid foundation on which to build your digital marketing strategy. Register now and let's get started!

CTA Buttons For Organic Facebook Posts

CTA Buttons For Organic Facebook Posts

Want to put a Call To Action Button (CTA) on an organic Facebook post? Well, you can. Until yesterday I didn’t think this was possible. Thanks to my colleague Bryan at 10X Interactive, we learned how to to this using Business Manager. Facebook’s Business Manager constantly adds new things all the time.

You can put a button on a link post, carousel post, photo/video post, or just a simple status update!

When you are in, you will want look at the left side drop down menu(scroll down to the section that says “Engage Customers” and create your post with a button.

You will create it as an ad, but you can then publish it to your page without spending any money on it!

Maybe this is a Facebook Ad Secret.  Maybe this is a Facebook Loophole. Maybe this is a Facebook trick.

Who cares. These tips and tricks are incredible fun to learn about!

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