We aren’t quite ready to go just yet, but if you would like to learn a little more about JVI Mobile, you can do so at the following locations:

www.jvimobile.com – This is our main company website providing information, resources, software, and tools for small business success online.

www.jvimobilemarketing.com – This is our partnership area. All of the services on this site(except for logo design) are 3rd party offerings that we sell and manage for you. Think of us as your project manager and the main point of contact while someone else handles fulfillment.

Digital Marketing Assistant – The official HowTo.Agency Facebook group. A place for small business owners on Facebook to learn, network, and have fun while they slowly take over their local markets!

Estate Sale Marketing System – One of our highest producing services is our Estate Sale Marketing System. We help estate sale companies drive more eager buyers and traffic to the sales they host utilizing a multi-technology system that performs better the more you use it.

MySoPro – Ever heard of Hootsuite? It is a social media monitoring and scheduling program. MySoPro does that, but also so much more! We have a built-in image creator as well as a content research tool so you can schedule and share the hottest industry-related content available. It’s as if Hootsuite, Canva and Buzzsumo had a baby. Oh, did we mention it’s free forever? (There is an optional Pro Plan, but you may not need it)

JVI Mobile Reputation Management – SaaS(Software-as-a-service) subscription for helping you turn your customers into sharable, positive reviews on autopilot. Recently, one of our clients got over 40 reviews in 3 weeks to his Google My Business Listing! (And they were all 4 and 5 stars from recent customers)

Shop.jvimobile.com – Our online store offering several of our past and current training and courses. Much of this content is relevant to HowTo.agency, so if you really want a sneak peek at some of the programs we are offering, head on over and browse around.


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Hope you enjoy the content